Unhelpful Allies

Rick considered his options. He was in a room with two hostiles, a fistfull of diamonds, a package of unknown origin and destination, and his only allies were some spectating fish. The door looked unwatched, but it was a fairly empty street in a neighborhood where some extra gunshots wouldn’t garner any special attention.

Rick took one of the small gems into his hand, and slipped it into Gary’s pocket.

“What are you doing?”

“Hiring you. When the shooter team comes in here-”

“They’re going to shoot you on your way out.”

Rick nodded, “You’ll tell them I went out the back.”

Gary nodded, perplexed, as Rick went out the back door, “Crazy-ass fool.”

Rick closed the door behind him. He was in the kitchen, where high-calorie low-nutrition bar snacks were prepared. He then found the real back door, and the stairs nearby that led to the roof. It wasn’t complicated. His attackers were looking for a man who would be on the ground. To get off their sights he would simply stay off the ground.

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