The Killer Instinct 4 {I'm Watching}

Stacy’s eyes popped open, he cupped his hand over her mouth.
“Don’t scream Stacy” he whispered.
She struggled to move; he kissed her again and whispered
“were gona do some of those things I promised you,
you’re gona to be real nice to me”
He licked the side of her face, Stacy closed her eye’s,
her stomach rolled she gagged violently .
Human instinct he move enough Stacy rolled off the bed and then under it.
“You fool you can’t do anything right” the voice shouted; his head twitched.
Stacy rolled out from under the bed knocking him down, the knife flew from his hand. “Idiot” he slapped the side of his head, “Shutup”.
She got up to run, he grabbed her leg pulling her to the ground; her fingers inches from the blade.
“Let go” she screamed and kicked him hard, scrambbling for the knife, she grabbed it and ran for the front door.
Almost through the kitchen he grabbed her hair; she turned and stabbed him in the heart once, twice; he fell to his knees, his head bounced off the floor.

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