The Pass/Fall Test

Her, all chirpy: “Let’s go for a hike!”

Him, clicking remote: “I’m not really—”

Her: “Please, I know someplace really pretty…”

Him: “I guess so.”

Them: [Driving, driving, climbing, climbing.]

Her, all proud: “This is it.”

Him, hands on knees, panting: “Already? I was just getting warmed up.”

Her, hand out to the horizon: “Yep. Take a look.”

Him, head hanging, sweat dripping off nose: “My eyes are all glazed over from the climb. I can barely see my own face.”

Her, jesting: “You can see your own face?”

Him: “Grrr.”

Her: “Just look. It’s really amazing.”

Him, looking up a little: “Wow.”

Her, beaming: “Impressed?”

Him: “No. You’ve completely wasted my time.”

Her, with a little pout: “That’s what my last boyfriend said.”

Him, mockingly: “Really? Before he broke up with you?”

Her: “No. Right before he fell to his death.”

Him: “What? Whaaaaaaahhh….”

Her: “Heh.”

Him: “Waaaaaaaa….”

Her: “Aw, I should have got his wallet first.”

Him: [Thud.]

Her, pouting: “Damn. I hate driving home alone.”

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