Has She Changed?

“Oh yeah, I guess it was Mandy. Which reminds me, I saw her the other day, and guess what!”


“She. Has. Kids.

“Whoa.. shocker.”

“Well, still! She may have been like that in High School, but they’re adorable, Heather, simply adorable. Here, I have pictures in the car, I’ll go get them.”

The instant she’s out the door, Shade turns to me.

“Should we tell her?” he asks.

“Well I don’t know! She doesn’t seemed to have changed much, and she never really was good at keeping a secret!”

“She’s changed, trust me..”

“And how do you know?”

Shade looks back out the window, looking her up and down. “She just has, alright?”

I glare at him, knowing all the possibilities of what he might mean by that.

“Well I still think we should tell her.” he states, leaning back in his chair.

“Well I think we should stay with her for a little while before dropping the truth bomb on her. See if she really has changed.” I add, tipping him over with my foot as Rachel walks back inside.

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