City of Future

From the highway, from space, it would look just like any other city.
But from the inside, from the night, it could transform your life.
People walk around in bubbles, translucent, private, glinting, soundproof, unbreakable walls of Gliss™. Electricity rains down upon the automatic, moving streets, and sparks across them in tight wires, connecting every sparkling light of skyscraping windows. Hands, feet and mouths move so quickly in the penthouse clubs you’d think they contribute to global warming.
Sidewalks of pristine ice, to be used as a later water source, border fenced expanses of vibrant, luscious grass and pave the way to the posh, staggered, multi-layered boutiques, where only the most sophistacated of sorts are allowed to step, stop, shop and chat.

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