The reality of the pyschic.

Clara sat at her desk with her first cup of coffee. She promised herself she would finish the cup before she began her work day.

She had promised herself a lot of things. She promised she would use her gifts to change the world. She would write books, she would do something inspirational to pay homage to the gifts she “found” that fateful day in ‘87. But much of what she told others about that experience would prove to be creative dreams she manifested during her reported illness. The scientific explanation had included extensive theories about brain waves and cognitive psycology. The intellectual world laughed at her. The spiritual world made her internet famous.

So much for promises. The phone rang shortly after she made her appearance online. She answered the call with her customary greeting. In a race to avoid expense, the party on the other end of the line inquired quickly about a boyfriend and a dog Cleopatra.

Clara closed her eyes and wondered which truth her caller would like to hear.

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