If You Ever Want To See Her Again...

Brian sat at the StarBucks waiting for Madison. She was late, very late.
Where could she be? he wondered.
Had she stood him up? He sipped his coffee impatiently. No, she wouldn’t.
Something had to be wrong,Madison had seemed too excited yesterday to just blow him off this way.
An orange letter dropped to the table in front of him. Brian looked up quickly,wondering where or who it had come from. No one was around.
Brian looked around one more time and then opened the envelope. He gasped as he scanned the block letters on the stark white page.
If you ever want to see her again,come to the library at midnight.Tell no one and come alone.Or she will suffer.
Brian was in such a hurry that he knocked over his chair on the way out the door.He tore down the streets and ran directly into a brick wall of a man,who knocked him to the sidewalk.
“Oh I’m so…”Brian stopped and stared at the man. ”...sorry.”
The man was pale as paper with a faint scar over his eyebrow.
“Watch it!” he grunted and swept away.

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