That girl over there

Ever since I can remember, people have absolutley fawned over me, infuriating me. This is becausei knew, even from when i was little, that i had more common sense than any of those peopl emight ever gain. It infuriated me to have them treat me like a baby, just becaus I was cute. I guess this shaped my presence. I get annoyed when anyone considers me an inferior, although I do not mind being called equal. In fact, i think all people are equal. because everyone has just as much potential as the next. It just depends on how you shape it to your atvantage. I went to a montessouri school where I was looked down upon by everyone else. I had no real friends, choosing to be independent and completley non-social, This might have been because i did not go to the same preschool as them, therefore making it harder for me to adapt

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