She started to cry,but wiped away her tears before I could comfort her
Not even knowing who she was,I shared true compassion and love for her
Its ok,thats what I told her but she insisted on telling me more of her story
“I just felt like nobody even cared for me,and that even my so called friends were tryna destroy me”
“You dont know how many times I cried while grown men had their way with me
I told them I was only fifteen but they still wanted to
lay with me”
“I watched my mother get shot dead,her last words were”I never did love you
She always used to tell me its ok to be with those men all he wanna do is touch you”
I asked her did she know GOD she looked at me as if I ain’t say it right
“Yeah I know him but Im so ashamed of myself I dont even
pray at night” “Why should I,Im a sinner GOD dont even work for us”
I told her she was wrong,and that GOD hears even the worst of us.It was quiet the rest of the bus ride.B4 I got off I told her she cant keep runnin for eva,even track teams get tired.

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