From Me to the Wolves

All is quiet in the halls of the dead
where rooms of ruin grow dark
and one by one the lights go out
and shatters
Time sees its end draw near
and quivers
Because even time is a slave to death
O Discordia
All is Quiet in the halls of the dead
The universe sees its end draw near
and fears
Because the universe is alive
and time is alive
O Discordia
Hile! brave men of the wolfs
we stand together for him
And when we get there we have a name to shout out into the darkness
because one of us has conquered it
We have a name that we must shout because its our duty
and duty is written on the walls of our fathers
Duty is written in the sands of men
Duty is written on the faces of us who followed him
Him that died. Him that is running as a wolf now
over plains of snow and skies of white
others will join him and one day we will join him
we will find him running over plains of snow
his face happier than it has ever been before
we do not feel pain anymore
and Discordia does not rule
Go then there are other worlds than this

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