Clueless Soccer Idiot

“But I really suck at soccer!! I’ve never even played!” I whined to my best guy friend, Chad.

“It’s fine Christy, just come on!”


“Please??” he pleads, giving me those puppy eyes I simply adore.


“Yessss!” he pumped his arm up and down, keeping in stride next to me on our way to the field.

Once we arrive, the captains began choosing teams. Now, Chad’s this amazing soccer player who can kick the ball from half field into the upper right corner of the opposing net. He loved it. I, on the other hand, had trouble with kicking the ball with anything but my toes.

He’s lucky I love him, or I wouldn’t be here.

“I pick.. Chad.”

“If you pick me, you have to pick Christy too – we’re a package.”


Chad grabs me by the arm and drags me over to the “striker” position and stands beside me.

“Okay, we’re starting with the ball. All you have to do is..” he droned on. I nodded as if I was listening, but I couldn’t break my eyes away from staring at his.

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