The Iphone

“Did you hear about that new Iphone?” My Friend Jamie asked me. I could tell she was exited because she was skipping.
“Yeah, I heard about it.” I Replied. When we reached the cell phone store she started to show me what all the buttons on the Iphone do.
“If you push this one it goes to the internet, and this one is the music button. Oh, and this one is the e-mail button. “As she continued listing off the endless buttons I stood there acting like I was paying attention. When she finally finished she stared at me for a couple seconds, “well isn’t it cool?” She asked. I knew what answer she wanted to hear. She wanted me to say, wow that’s awesome! I don’t care if its 500 dollars! Let’s buy it!
“Yeah, it’s cool.” I said watching eyes lightup . “But one question.” I said.
“Ask me anything. I’ve been studying this phone for weeks!” she exclaimed.
“What button do I push to get a life?” I asked

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