Geeking Out On Superheroes [360 Challenge]

“Okay, here’s the question. If you could make a wish and be any super hero, only in real life see, who would you choose?” Zack asked his question in all seriousness. Groans and moans echoed through the dorm’s common area. Zack just went on smiling his usual, socially oblivious smile and handling the marbles in the pocket of his baggy jeans. This was, unfortunately, a typical Zack question.

But, the weather kept them in, no women were around, and they were freshmen, so Matt piped up, “I’d have to go with the Flash. Super speed works for anything.” Zack let one marble fall out of his pocket.

“But what you’re forgetting,” countered David, “Is how much you’d have to eat. It’s not economically feasible. I’d go with Colossus.” Zack let marble two slip from his pocket.

“Oh, he’s a lame character—very one dimensional,” Scott griped.

“He may be lame, but it’s a good power, strong offense and defense,” David said resolutely.

“You’re all idiots,” I sighed. “I can’t believe we’re discussing this.”

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