Our Geekophilic List Continues Unabated [360 Challenge]

“Well it beats talking about pasta,” Byron added, referring of course to the last discussion started by Zack. “Me, I’d go with Superman. I mean, as long as I’m wishing, why not go big?” Zack let marble three drop out of his pocket.

“That’s too easy,” Scott quipped, “Besides, what happens when you accidentally fry your date with laser vision?”

“I’d be Captain America then,” said Clint sanguinely, “strong enough to beat up any normal dude, but not freakishly so.” Zack let a fourth marble fall.

“Too lame,” countered Scott.

“As long as we’re on captains, I’ll take Captain Britain,” Gordon threw in, “Strong, plus he can fly.” A fifth marble found its way out.

“Well, that’s at least a bit more obscure,” conceded Scott.

“Can I be Nightcrawler?” asked Chris. Marble six slipped away.

“But he’s a freak!” Scott said loudly, “You’d be an automatic outcast. That’s dumb.”

“Well, for Chris that wouldn’t change much,” I couldn’t help but add. Everyone laughed at that. Zack just kept smiling.

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