Arguements Within My Mind

I don’t know what kept me from playing correctly the rest of the game. It was either because I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, Chad kept leaving the field to flirt with his girlfriend, or the thought that Derick might ask me out.

I didn’t score any more goals, and I was probably the worst player out there, not to mention the only girl out there. But everybody supported me none-the-less. Escpecially Derick.

It may seem that he was going to ask me out, but we had already tried dating. He was a good kisser and all that good stuff, but he accused me of cheating and dumped me. He wouldn’t be asking me out again.

But then what else would he be asking me? Where my locker is? If we had math homework? How my older brother is doing?

Finally, we reached the end of the game. I thought I was about to die of nervousness. Either that or faint, or puke, or-

“Christy!” Derick yelled.

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