Whoops. Why Hello...

And that blade of mine, it didn’t cut what I intended. It cut down the fourth wall, and now here I am, talking to you of all people.

Don’t worry, the hole closed behind me. Classic type 1 dimensional portal.

So, what’s your deal? Want to take me to the hospital? I think I might have rabies.

Hello? Why aren’t you responding? I’m bleeding over here!

Help me!

Let’s see… Hmm… What a nice computer you have. Mind if I smash it?

What!? My hand just went right through! Did you see that?

Oh damn, I’m not corporeal, am I?

Well I’m still bleeding, I probably have rabies and I can’t be seen, heard, touched, etc.! This night could not get any worse.

In some show, they had this same jam with a super cloaking device. You know what one I’m talking about? Who knows if you do? You can’t hear me!

Your mother ate monkey poops for breakfast!

I’m sorry, that might have been mean.

Damn, I’m getting tired. Loss of blood’s getting to me.

I guess I’ll go back into my story.

My future looks grim here, you might say.

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