It Was Him?!

“I..uhm..I’m..” She stuttered.

“Em It’s okay.. you know you can tell me anything.” I said pulling her closer to me.

“I’m soo sorry. I’m.. it’s just.. Oh, please don’t get mad?” She sounded so vulnerable.

“Emily. I won’t. I promise you that.” I couldn’t stress that enough.

“I’m pregant. There I said it. I’m soo sorry. I.. I..” She cried into my shoulder. I stiffened. How could she? With who? When? She was so young..we both are…

“When..with who..” I couldn’t form complete sentences. I had to try to keep it together. She couldn’t know I still loved her. Not now, not after… this.

“Well.. I loved him.. I thought I did at least.. and.. and I still do. But. I don’t know if he loves me still.. See it was a.. few.. months ago that this.. happened. I.. just found out.. the other day..” She stamered.

“Oh, Em. It’s okay. Have you told him yet?” I asked trying to comfort her at the same time.

“Well… that’s the thing.. I’m trying to.. tell you.. now.”

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