Bad Boys Make Bad Girls

“How am I supposed to explain this one at Easter dinner? The parents freaked out when I got my navel pierced for chrissakes!”

The demon grinned. “Not for his sake anymore sugar-knickers, but… hey, when is Easter dinner? I’m starving!â€?

Emma stares, aghast. “But you just ate my cat! And anyway, you CAN ”T come to my parents place. I mean, they’d notice your… your….”

Emma takes a deep breath.

“It’s too soon for you to meet my Mom!â€?

Hopefully, Rutting Hornlords share the relationship phobias of most guys her age. Not that she wants a relationship with this guy. Most definitely not.

The demon burps up a hairball, casually spitting it onto her coffee table.

“Look, when the party’s boring you leave, right? So you summoned, I came.â€?

He leers. “And came. Now, you and Little-Miss-Sassypants don’t wanna deal with that, fine, but I ain’t going back. And you are turning into one damned fine-looking succubus.â€?

Emma’s brain is still processing the ‘sassypants’ remark. My God, Hanna!

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