“I love you too, remember that” she said, “But something is… different with you. You most likely don’t understand but I miss the old you. You expect so much. If I didn’t love you then I’m guessing you wouldn’t be here right now, even if I did like you. You don’t want me. You want someone whos life revolves around you. Not someone who has their own life.”

He was speachless. He secretly knew she was right, well, he made himself believe that right now. Truely, he was in love with her. The reason he was expecting so much from her was because he loved her, and he wanted to see how much she loved him… but he just realized that she wasn’t like that, she wasn’t the same as him. She did love him, she just didn’t like showing it the same way.

“Should this be over? I don’t want it to be and I don’t think you want it to be either, but if your going to stay this way.. I’m leaving… now.” she said this knowing they may be the last words she said to him while they were together.

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