A tribute to all the people who know someone they love is never coming home because of 9/11

It’s been a year daddy,
I really really miss you.
Mommy says your safe now, in a beautiful place called heaven.
We had your favorite dinner tonight; I ate it all up, even though I don’t like carrots.
Can’t you see me?
I taped a picture of us, on my lunchbox.
You are the greatest daddy.
I can swing on the swings by myself, even though I miss you pushing me.
Can’t you see me?
I miss how you tickle me.
I try not to cry.
But mommy says it’s ok
I know you don’t like it when I cry.
It’s hard, when I know your not coming home
Maybe someday I can visit you in heaven.
Its time for me to go to bed now,
I’ll sleep with my light on, just incase you come home.
I love you so much
I miss you daddy.

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