Ten Good Reasons for Murder(1)

“Why are you doing this to me?” screamed the man tied up before her.
“Let me paint a picture for you.
“First of all, you are a man. Men are evil. Pure and simple.” She pokes him with her lit cigarette. He grunts in discomfort.
“Second, you have eyes. Wandering eyes. You may have a special someone in your life, but you are never satisfied just looking at her.” She quickly shoves her cigarette into his left eye. The scream he emits echoes loudly around the cave. “You bitch! I don’t even know you!” She only snorts a short laugh. “Doesn’t matter. You are all the same.” She continues on in her rant.
“Thirdly, you have ears.”
“No. Please stop. I don’t care why anymore. Just get it over with.” She only continues on as if she hasn’t heard.
“The ears don’t even listen. You can say something again and again, and they just don’t hear.” She quickly grabs a screwdriver and shoves it into his ear. But not too far. Only enough to puncture his eardrum, then she removes it. She doesn’t want to kill him yet.

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