My Husband

This man is the most important person in my life. And he should be.
He’s not only cute and funny, he’s strong, both in will and in brawn.
He knows me like the back of his hand too. He knows my needs and wants and dreams.
But most importantly, he has never given up on me.
We’ve had many troubles during our seven plus year relationship. Some are the standard couples’ “problems” like money or who didn’t change the toilet paper roll.
Some have been extraordinary. I don’t want to go into too much detail, it’s personal and all, but just know that through it all, he has stuck by me. And me by him.
And these “problems” have only made our relationship stronger. I’m sure our love will last until the end of our days.
When he looks at me, I know everything will be alright. So I go forth more confident and secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens, I will be loved. At least by him.
Everyone should be so lucky to feel such love.
This man is my husband, my lover, my best friend.

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