The Visit

The energy configuration paused from its long journey as a small blue green world in an otherwise uninhabited star system caught its attention.

The dominant species of the small world were biped flesh and blood humanoids. A relatively small island of them was under attack from a larger and more powerful continental aggressor.

The energy configuration was quick to appreciate the significance of the conflict now underway. The whole future history of this world would depend upon its outcome.

Destruction rained from aerial invaders in the skies above the small island as it’s inhabitants fought for their way of life, their very existence. The principal defenders of the small island were a surprisingly modest number of young male humanoids, the flyers of defending aerial craft. The energy configuration was relieved to see that by the barest thread the defenders of the small island would hold firm and that evil would not triumph at this time. Thus it withheld the prospect of its interference.

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