Everything Will Blow Pt. 8

Ian hugged Simon tight and congratulated them both. As they linked arms with us, we faced the room together and Rory called out for everyone to quiet down as he had some announcements.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, there are a few people outside who aren’t happy with us.” Several people booed at this. “I just want to commend you all for braving these elements to share in this very special occasion.” He beamed as everyone applauded.

“And now the head of our security team would like a few words.” A big, rough-looking man dressed in what looked like riot gear moved to the front of the room.

He cleared his throat. “Yes hello… We’ve got some problems I’m afraid. It seems that our friends outside the tent have grown a little in size. This entire tent is surrounded and I’m not sure my team can fully guarantee your safety. We’re having a devil of a time trying to keep them at bay and well, it might just be best to wait it out in here. However if you must leave, we’ll do our best to get you out safely.”

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