Everything Will Blow Pt. 9

A murmur of concern flitted about the attendees as they began to debate the best course of action. I looked at Ian and Steven.

“What should we do?” I asked them.

“Well I’d love to get the fuck out of here – no offense Rory – Just it’s a bit scary you know?” Ian said, catching a look of surprise on Rory’s face.

“I understand Ian. I’ll have Lee himself see you three to your car.” Rory replied.

A feeling of relief passed through me. I’d begun to feel a little afraid myself. The angry shouts of the people outside still filtered in and I felt as if I were in the angry mob scene in a Frankenstein film. Lee looked like a big guy, perfect for hiding behind. I kissed Rory and Simon and murmured more congratulations. I told them we’d see them later at the reception. Following Steven and Ian, we found Lee near the entrance squawking into his radio. He waved us over.

“Right, it’s really fucked up out there, are you sure you still want to leave?” Lee looked at us inquiringly.

“Why? What’s going on?” I asked.

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