Bed and Breakfast

The thirteen of us were sitting in the living room on the floor, staring at each other. The last few hours had been hell on earth, but what could we do about it? At least we were still alive.

“I’m not going out there,” Brian said while twirling the gold chain dangling around his huge neck. Brian was an athlete, tall, strong, and a coward. On the football field he was without mercy when attacking the quarterback. But this was no game.

“No one is suggesting you go anywhere. They’d have you for dinner before you hit the back porch.” Kat was hoping Brian had the balls to at least keep quiet and say nothing, but he had to open his mouth and show everyone what a pathetic jerk he really is. “I say we just sit tight until sunrise. Who says they don’t come out at night? Not me.”

Tabitha began to cry again and Petra did her best to comfort her. But Petra was sobbing, too. She had seen the old man vanish without a struggle. All that was left of him was a pool of blood and brain-matter splattered on her shoes.

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