to be, or not to be.

to be or not to be.
that’s the question plaguing me tonight.
to be a christian or to remain faithless and confused.

on the one hand, christianity has its perks.
jesus, son of god, who died for me.
a bible, full of instructions and courage.
a loving circle of family and friends,
who wouldn’t want that?

however what about being faithless?
not having to limit myself to rules and doctorine.
being able to explore and pursue other ideas and religions.
how about pursuing philsophy and faith, but not a constant religion.

but what about the downside to being with god?
i’d be limited, i’d be his daughter.
i would no longer be solely myself.
i’d be me, but i’d be me in christ.

then again, that might be a good thing.
being able to depend on someone, being able
to give my problems and concerns up to be dissolved
just like that.

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