Ravi was all done for the day at his call center and was getting prepared to get out of there and board his cab which would take him from ITPl to his nice bachelor pad located at HRBR Layout in the northern part of Bangalore. The time was 4 am and some of his friends were waiting near his pod for him to vacate it. They had just come in from Marathahalli, Ejipura, Viveknagar and some even from Hebbal.

Ravi bid good bye to his friends and looked at his watch. His mental caculator started whirring at cruise speed. 3 minutes down the lift, into the mall, 8 minutes for the guy at Subway to make his Tuna sub, another 4 for him to reach his cab.

A cool 15 minutes! He had 21 exactly for the cab to leave…phew…

Within minutes Ravi was in his cab waiting for the tall and dusky Priya to arrive. She used to make his day as she used to travel with him all the way to HBR Layout just 1 stop before his house….

and today, she was nowhere to be seen? Ravi started thinking…

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