”..and this is what’s believed to be a drawing of a dragon in the medieval times.” the tour guide told us, hand framing the glass box that held a carved granite stone.

Whoa. Déjà Vu. Why do I think I’ve seen this before? Where would I have seen this before?

Please, this is your final chance. Help us.. we need you. that annoying voice hissed.

“Where am I supposed to go? What would I be doing?” I whisper, hoping that it would go away if I answered it.

All your questions will be answered once you get here.

“Where’s here?

Tap your right heel, your left toe, stomp with your right foot and sprint as fast as you can. But be careful, if you don’t go fast enough you will end up lost in time.

“What?! No! I want to stay whole, and if that means I can’t help you then so be it!”

“Is there a problem, Miss Diana?”

I glance around to find everybody staring at me.

“No, no problem, thanks.”

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