Lucus Dunn 's Childhood

Lucus was their only child, a late in life baby.
Doris in her mid forties had a complicated pregnancy and almost died giving birth.
The cord wound around his neck came close to killing him too.
The trauma of almost losing him set the stage for the need to protect and control him.
When he started to walk she was behind him every step.
Then came the nagging everyday thing’s; did you wash, did you brush, no tv, finish your supper; she never let up.
Things elevated dictating his school life from kindergarten to high school; no sports, no dating, groundings for low grades.
Movies had to be screened before he could watch them, no sleep overs at friends homes.
The car was to drive his mom to do her errands.
So he’d retreat to his room to study, he tried to meet their demans. Nothing ever satisfied them.
He couldn’t face the fact he just wasn’t good enough.
Anger and resentment turned to pure hatred when
they made the decision he was to be a lawyer.
They purchased him a computer for his studies.

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