Something Else Entirely

Jaylease tried, unsuccessfully to get up from the couch where she was laying.

“Great. Now what? I can’t move and I think someone from my own family is trying to kill me. Maybe I should just go in peace.” thought Jaylease.

“WOOF WOOF WOOF ” something barked in the backround.

“Ugh. I must be hallucinating, dad never had a dog…although that sounds strangly familar…Oh my gosh. It’s Buddy?” Jaylease had to stop herself from saying this outloud.

“Shut up you dumb dog. Your lucky I didn’t just leave you at her house. Where no one would ever be able to feed you again, or do anything for you again for that matter.”

This was worse than Jaylease had thought it could be. Her dad was one thing. This was something else entirely.

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