The next day was just as bad as the previous. Now that he knew she knew all about who he liked, he would never shut up about her.

“Caleb, I understand you like Madison, but don’t you ever get bored of talking about her?” she asked.

“I’m sorry Isabella… I didn’t mean to be annoying. Its just, well you wouldn’t understand, you don’t like anyone.” accused Caleb while blushing.

“Oh no, don’t take that the wrong way, and I do understand. You just wouldn’t exactly appreciate how I do.” stated Isabella.

“What are you trying to say? Oh… I get it, I’m suppose to trust you with everything, but you can’t trust me? Is that it?” asked Caleb feriously.

“Why are you always mad at me for stupid little things. This means nothing. You know what I realized last night, when I wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out? No you don’t. I realized that you have always been horribly mean to me, and yet threw all the pain you’ve made me go threw I still… STILL … love you.”

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