The shadows of darkness have fallen silently to the ground, not a living soul dare venture out or even make the slightest of sound, night has come once more! The feeling of danger is ever present as the sun has softly fallen, a gust of warm wind whispers your name the eyes of darkness are calling, blood stained eyes are hidden amoungst nights misted trees, he waits there for you beneth it’s fallen leaves, each step you take his hunger grows stronger, suddenly the path home grows darker and longer, he follows you silently stalking his prey he’s evil right down to the core, the night is when he roams the beast must feed once more, your heart skips a beat as the moon gives out a horrible hidious moan, suddenly you remember you were warned not to journey alone, with a swoop of his arm he rips off your head, yesterdays dinner is tomarrows bed, ripping the skin seeking only meat and blood, tossing aside the bones to whither and decay in the mudd, he savors each bite passionately truely enjoying the flavor

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