Watching from the Window

I pushed my way through a group of Wailers heading for the window. When He came, we all gathered at the windows to watch.

Maybe He was our escape but there was an aire of menace about Him. He didn’t look tough, but we had a feeling (all we had was feeling, not emotion, but a sense of what was) that his presence was not good.

Another new one came running in. Well she floated too, but running makes more sense of her haste. I looked through the curtains. Sure enough. There He was, looking at the sky.

So, I did too. Looked at the sky, I mean. Crap, again. Snow. That meant more days had passed than I thought. I needed a calendar.

He smiled, then frowned all in a breath’s pace. And disappeared. This was really starting to bug me. I could not even disappear yet.

The priest took this moment to fly out and shoo us from the windows. I hated when he did that. It seems that everytime He showed up, Padre would run us back to the center of the church.

Something was wrong here. I just didn’t know what.

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