Shade scrambles to his feet as Rachel starts to laugh. He rights the chair and sits back down in it. I look at Rachel and we both roll our eyes.

“Still as clumsy as ever, ain’t ya?” Rachel asks.

AND still as strong,” he retorts.

“Strength is nothing if you can’t use it with grace,” I chime in.

“You leave Grace out of this!” Shade says, apparently thinking I was talking about an old friend of ours. I chuckle and roll my eyes again. I sip my drink and sigh, trying to see if Rachel really had changed. She fits herself with that trademarked Rachel smile and then I can’t tell for crap. I look at her.

“I left something outside,” I say, “I just hope nobody has taken it.” I walk outside, followed by Shade.

“Can you tell anything?” he asks.

“No,” I reply, my eyes scouring the ground for my keys.

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