Caught in the Undertow

I was slowly drifting out further and further. I couldn’t stop it. No matter how hard I swam against the undertow, it seemed like it only took me out to sea faster. The people on the beach were becoming smaller and smaller. I couldn’t fight much longer. I was swallowing too much water, wasting too much energy. I decided to make one last attempt to signal somebody on the beach. I shouted at the top of my lungs, waved to them, tried reflecting light from my watch. In my heart I knew that it was useless. I was at least two miles out by now so shouting was useless. The beach go-ers probably couldn’t see me over the bobbing waves and distance, so waving was useless. And even if I got someone to notice that annoying light flashing in the distance and somehow realize that it was a person the help would come far too late. I was out of energy. I accepted my fate. I didn;t even take a breath as I let my lifeless body sink into the dark abyss that was my coffin. I couldn’t watch. I closed my eyes and waited for my fate.

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