So close yet so far

You were right there in front of me and I couldn’t touch you. It was weird to see you in front of me you couldn’t understand why. You had been up to school before but never had you took the time to come and see me. I had to sit across from you to make sure that it was really you. Things that you did will in my room let me know that it was really you. Picking out the things that you have always liked within my room and wanting to keep them.

Then before I knew it the night would be over. My roommate would walk in; not getting the idea that it was you that I am more then just friends with. She couldn’t pick up the silence that fell on the room while she was there. I did say that he was a surprise.

He was so close but yet so far. He was right in front of me smiling; playing with his tongue ring. He was right there and now he is home and I am waiting for the next time he comes up so that we may finish what we started. But I will see you in my dream until the chance comes again.

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