Delivery Won (Daniel Gate)

The girls led him through the crowded club, past the dance floor, and through a series of hallways to a private room. Daniel tried to keep his brain on a sane track.

“You were waiting for me?” he asked.

“Of course!” Cosette cooed as Eponine knocked. The door was opened for them, and Daniel found himself in an opulent private lounge. There were girls everywhere in skimpy clothing, drinking and chatting.

Daniel’s escorts led him over to a corner. A quarter of the girls were clustered about a round table. Sitting in the middle was a heavy Asian man. Eponine and Cosette both left Daniel’s sides and sat down on opposite ends of the plush seat.

“Konban wa, Gate-san,” the Asian man said with a bow of his head. “You have my package?”

Daniel had nearly forgotten, but he obligingly placed the package on the table.

“Are you my employer?” Daniel asked, trying to get to the bottom of things.

“I am not,” the Asian man answered as he reached for the package. “But I will give you your payment.”

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