To the Movies

Home. No they’d find us there.
Suddenly I realized how short my list really was. My home away from home was Brie’s house, and I never really went anywhere else except the movies occasionally, the store, and school.
A brief image of the letter my brother wrote before he left flashes in my minds eye. I remembered the random letters that weren’t quite in his handwriting, and I knew his handwriting all too well.
“Follow me!” I commanded, and Brie and her father marched after me down the street.
I brushed through my door and snatched the letter, hidden so carefully beneath my mattress it had not suffered so much as a crease.
I began to read the letter:
“Dear Mel,”
An extra curl on the M. But there was no time to decode here.
Where too?
“To the movies,” I declared, as once again, Brie and her dad scurried after me toward the theater.

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