Only him.

Standing next to the crosswalk on the corner of seven//eleven, Cyn relaxed.
It was mid-afternoon, and she was enjoying the mild weather. As she stood waiting for the little white dude to flash, to tell her to walk, honked.
She glanced over. Her eyes met a strange sight. Boys, they filled the car with their tight jeans and small black jackets.
Their smiles lit up the rainclouds as they waved and knocked on the window.
Cyn rolled her eyes, and then smiled.
“Do you know them?” Sharon asked, looking a tid bit frightened.
Cyn blew them a kiss as they drove off, “Nope.”
Sharon glanced down at her fake designer shoes, and together they walked the crosswalk, Cyn dragging her feet and whistling the ABCs.
She wasn’t even thinking of Marl or what’s-his-face. Just the kid in the back seat. With the long, long, jet black hair and quick smile. The one who had caught her kiss, just before the car had sped on by. Only him.

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