..arriving at Jordanville.” My gaze wandered from the azure sky to the people around me. I watched as a few school kids trickled off the train. Sighing I start to look back out the window when a flash of electric blue caught my eyes. I feel my cheeks heat up and butterflies rise as Iook down quickly at my hands.

He gave a low chuckle. Forcing myself to look up I smiled softly. His answer was a small quirk of the lips and I looked down again quickly, definately blushing.

Now arriving at…” my stop. Dragging my bag up from under the seat I rose and picked my way over to the doors. I didn’t see the umbrella lying across the floor and suddenly I was falling backwards. Then I wasn’t. I looked up to find myself staring into electric blue orbs. His hand was warm on my arm. Letting go, he stood back.

‘cya tomorrow.’ his smile was warm.

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