Hope to depair

The howls echoed behind her. Her breaths came in ragged sobs. Her feet bled as she ran over sharp rocks.

Onwards, still onwards.

The musty air pressed in around her like it was trying to strangle her. They were getting closer, their low growls chilling the air. Still onwards.

Everywhere hurt and the bite on her arm throbbed numbly. She could hear their pants now, and smell them. Disgusting. Decomposing. Ancient. Stifling.

Not much further.

Her throat burned as she gasped for air. Her legs hurt from running. THERE . She burst into the clearing.

No. It was gone. How? All gone. Everyone and everything.

Whirling around she saw the glinting eyes and slobbering jaws. They prowled around her, circling, hunting.

Their prey was theirs.

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