The Touch of Rage

A shiver crept up my spine.
It was some deep seated feeling along with it.
I tried to shake it off
But it wouldn’t go away.
And in the moment after, I felt like I was on the brink of loosing control.
I don’t know what was happening but some deep seated anger was ready to erupt from my chest.
I stayed still for a moment, my body shaking with anger and rage
If I moved . . . I wouldn’t stop with just a pillow
The wall, or the chair, or that crappy car parked down the street. But maybe even this computer.
I stayed still
I had to be sure that it would pass
There it is again. Its came again . . . Why?
I’m not sure
Can I be man enough to let this go?
I hope so
I’m trying
And I’m scared
Do I want to stuff this feeling down?
Or let it burst from my chest?
Release or Control?
Anger is powerful
When it comes from no where . . . it’s scary.
Where did it come from?
Will it pass?
Or will I stay like this
Like a scared shitless kid who can’t even move

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