I Miss You {Stovohobo's challenge}

One day you will sit on a bench in the center of a train station, or should I say in medias res? Music from the roaring 20’s will play and remind you of a childhood memory, so vivid you will swear there is a gramophone nearby, like the one you received from a wealthy friend many Christmases before. A cowcatcher will come into view, the rest of the locomotive following close behind, zooming into view. The first class car door will slide open and a small flower will dance out. You will watch the buttonniere drift to the ground and retrace it’s trail to a man in a sleek black suit, slightly more excess avoirdupois than you will remember. His eyes will meet yours and he will have the same smile as decades before.
I will reach forward, and you will take my hand. We will walk toward the station exit in the sunset feeling the connection we once had as lovers.
Our lips will touch briefly and leave each other for breath. Words will escape my lips. A whisper.
“I missed you.”
But until that day my love, I miss you.

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