It's Always The Cute Ones

“Class, you may choose your seat.”

I searched the room – I didn’t know anybody, so there was no chance of anybody saving me a seat. The nerds took the front, the straight-A’s took the middle, and the detentioners took the back.

And to the back I headed.

I had never gotten in trouble before, but something must be thrilling, exciting, hilarious for these kids to burst out laughing in the middle of class, right?

There was a nice-looking kid I hadn’t met before already sitting in the back, with a gothic/emo kid next to him. The gothic kid scared me, the other kid was admittedly pretty cute.

“Hey.” he spoke to me.

“Uh.. h-hi.”

“Sit there.” he pointed to a seat next to him.


“Thanks.” I said, turning around and placing myself in the chair, only to have it collapse on top of me.

“Oh by the way, students – don’t sit there.”

The class burst out laughing, with the cute kid laughing the loudest.

Cheeks red, I go to the very front row of the room and get ready for English.

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