kissed him back

“He… already? But I thought…” I stopped. Why hadn’t he just came out and said it? That it was already too late, that I was never going to see him again. I felt like crying. “Yeah he told me, I just didn’t realize it was so soon,” I muttered.
“Well saturday the 13th was his last day, remember? the ‘unluckly 13 got him again’ he said…” She suddenly paused, “Wait, you weren’t there, were you? That was the friday before last when you were with…” she stopped again. I hated Blake more than ever now, because of him I had missed when Andy was leaving. If I had known that was my last night with Andy I wouldn’t have cried like a needy little kid, I would’ve told him every wonderful thing I loved about him. Everything I always praised him for but never had actually said to him. I would’ve kissed him back.
As I headed for last hour I passed Emily in the halls, she giggled maliciously and called out to me as I passed, “Hey I heard about your freakfest at the party. Dancing isn’t a sin, virgin girl.”

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