What's the Deal?

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. Laughed. She had just said one of the most shocking things of my career and I was laughing right in her face. Wow,I must be losing it. “And why would you want to do that,you pretty little thing?” I asked from behind what I hoped was a disarming smile. Hey,smiling isnt easy for me,especially not at 2a.m. I pull out a cig and,still smiling,try to find my zippo. Shit,I can’t find it,probobly put it with that goddamn silencer. The woman’s eyes narrow,and she gives me a strange look. She suddenly whips her hand out of her pocket,throws a lighter in the air,catches it, and lights my cig all in 1 smooth motion. I rock back slowly,already berating myself for not noticing her hand stray to her pocket. I curse myself silently while I puff on the cigarette. I look at the woman in a new light. Her toned body seems to tighten like a spring when she notices me looking at her.
This was definatley not a woman I would like to mess with.
“So, whats the deal?” I hear myslef say against my will

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