The Submissive Daughter

It only took a bit of pumping for Janie to pop right back out into a human shape, and when I yanked the nozzle out she was breathing normally. She looked down at herself, then up at me. “What…just happened, mommy?”

I frowned at her. “Now listen up. You forced yourself inside my body, and stayed there for several days. When you did that, you forfeited yourself to me, because whatever’s inside my body is mine. Do you understand?”

Janie nodded meekly. “Of course, mommy.”

“So I can do whatever I want to with you, and you have no right to complain.”

She bit her lip. “If…if you must. I’m sorry, mommy—I know I was bad.”

“And the first thing is, stop calling me mommy. The other girls wouldn’t understand.”

“Yes mo—I mean…mistress?”

I frowned, but at least the other girls would just assume I was being a dom. And I guess they wouldn’t be too far wrong, at that. “That’ll do. Now, the first thing is to make you older again.” I stuck the nozzle in her mouth and started to pump.

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