The Task Before Me

“Yeah I know.” I said at the ending of his somewhat interesting but yet still boring speech. “So what am I hear to do about that? Stand trial for the human race again?”
Q leaned forward. “No, no. my young biped. Your pitiful existence has been blessed with the honor of living other lives. Lives that will touch on everything. You, my son – will be our little experiment.”I didn’t comprehend it then but it would soon fall into place.
“To better understand you of course. My, My your little brain cannot wrap itself around that?”
“No, its just that…” And then it clicked in my head. They needed me to show them why we were superior. I almost laughed again but then the weight of this task planted itself on my shoulders . . . never to be taken. My jaw dropped open and my shoulders slumped down a few inches.
“Duty is a scar written on faces, You once said.” Q’s teasing in this situation was not welcome. I looked up at him.
“Don’t ever use my lines against me.”
Again that smirk. “Time for you to go Alex. Bye.”

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