Walking through the canyons of the discontented mind.
Searching for the ansewers that are there, but hard to find.
Memory collapsing giving way to fantasy, ending and beginning with no apparent boundary.
Stagnant for a moment riding a tide of pleasure and pain.
Not caring whether or not there is a lesson to assertain.
Climbing to the top of Mt. Pleasure Happy Trust.
Lost my footing and fell into that ocean called Lust.
Almost drowned had it not been for hope lifting me out.
thinking how do I get that kind of clout??
Then I was dried by the winds of change.
And rode an eagle called patience to doubts driving range.
But doubt couldn’t keep me, I was saved from her charm.
By the unsympathetic sound of my morning alarm.
I sit up and reflect or do I even dare…....
“Last night I had this dream…......Or was it a nightmare???

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